Social media influencers are calling on the manufacturer of Vagisil to pull the product line.

According to a Washington Post report, feminine hygiene is a $21.6 billion global industry. Gynecologist Jen Gunter told the Post that “although  products such as tampons and sanitary products are needed, the scented washes and wipes that accompany them in drug store aisles are unnecessary at best and can be downright harmful at worst. The products can upset the vagina’s natural ecosystem, stripping it of the bacteria it needs to fight off infections — potentially including sexually transmitted ones. In a 2018 study, participants who used feminine wipes had almost double the odds of reporting a urinary tract infection, and those who used gel sanitizers were almost eight times more likely to report a yeast infection.”

Wiping out helpful vaginal bacteria to feel clean and fresh-smelling is harmful. Read the story here.

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