by Clare Fleishman MS RD

No vaccines and no medications exist for this deadly SARS-CoV-2. Our defense amounts to staying as far away from the war as possible with masks, gloves and isolation.

There is another idea worth considering in the realm of prevention. Getting our immune systems into fighting shape should be a major goal.

“Given its huge importance to human survival, the immune system has evolved into a highly complex and sophisticated symphony of processes to protect us. Discerning exactly how and where probiotics may modulate the immune system is still an emerging science.”

Given their role in immune health, probiotics are a currently a popular topic. Could they help?

Two recent articles I wrote for the International Probiotics Association take a look at the research. Rather than reinvent the wheel a cliché that worksI’ll send you to the originals as follows.

COVID-19: A Role for Probiotics in Immunity?

The first connects the few dots between probiotic and viruses, concentrating on the effects in influenza virus because this SARS-CoV-2 is novel. Microbial manipulation to enhance immunity is possible; likely mechanisms of actions are considered. Prepare to be impressed by your immune system.

Respiratory Microbes and Lung Inflammation

Until recently, the respiratory tract was thought to be sterile. Not so. A rich stew of microbes inhabits and interacts with the nasal, oral, upper airways and lower airways of the respiratory system.

This article delves into how a shift towards pathogens in the Gammaproteobacteria class. This group spurs rabid inflammation by thriving on byproducts of inflammation. Our lungs can quickly descend into dangerous disease such as pneumonia.

“Respiratory health is key. The lung microbiome and cells of the airways interact in complex ways with immune cell regulation. And when it comes to health, a dose of prebiotics and probiotics daily, whether through food or supplements won’t hurt. “