Avoiding gluten is difficult if not impossible. Breads, bagels, cereals, pizza and other delectables all contain wheat which contains ample gluten. For some, a genetic anomaly puts them into the celiac disease category. For most though, sensitivity to the protein is a reason to go hunting for a burgeoning number of gluten-free products.

Our microbes may have a role in both types of gluten intolerance. An excellent new review from the International Probiotics Association titled “Gluten-free” may cost your microbes appeared recently which explains how the impact of microbes goes both ways.

“Eliminating gluten in daily diets may be necessary, as in celiac disease. Or it may be a choice predicated on probable cause. Either way, beneficial microbes may suffer. Replenishing with supplements may be advised.

On the flip side, probiotic therapy may bolster immune and gut health, lessening the impact of gluten and reducing need for such a restrictive diet.”

Read the article and decide if more probiotics are for you.